Monday, April 2, 2007

My First Tournament ::


At the International Billfish Tournament all I.G.F.A. rules and conservation procedures apply.

This is a release tournament using 50lb. (24 kg.) Tournament Test line.

400 points will be awarded for only billfish released. And additional 100 points will be awarded for any billfish that is tagged prior to releasing the same.

Record holder for over 10 years for the most Blue Marlin in a four day tournament (190 in 1988).

At the 47th edition, anglers released 110 Atlantic Blue marlin , NO fish boated.

In our 46th edition, the last of the millennium, 119 pieces were released and only two were boated, a 540 and a 458 pounders, for a total of 121.

At the 45th edition, the Sapphire Blue Anniversary of the International, a 607.5 pounder was the star, along with a turn-out of 93 battlewagons of over 50 ft. and more than 300 anglers. That year, 99.4% of 168 fish hooked were tagged and/or released.

An 895.5 blue broke the 20 year record of the Tournament at our 44th edition in 1997, followed closely by a 713.5 lb. blue caught the same day.

A 666 lb. blue marlin in our 43rd edition was boated by a first time angler. Isn't that luck?

The new century brought Puerto Rico's first grander just a week before the Tournament, and a lucky angler caught a 1,086 lb. fish about 5 miles off the coast of San Juan.

For the Tournament, bring your own rod and reel.

We encourage you to form teams. This is an international tournament where the most coveted prize is the International Team Cup.

Boat Owners, come prepared to dress your boat for the Nautical Parade! There are special prizes for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Best Dressed Boats! Champagne anyone?

Bring lots of suntan lotion. The sun is strong and you'll be the whole day at sea!

Even the most experienced anglers get sea-sick once in a while, so pack some pills to fight off that effect!

Diet before coming to the Tournament for you will enjoy great food at our parties.

Remember to pack jacket and tie for the Awards Banquet!

Bring your lady to the Tournament. If she's not an angler, be certain that our Ladies' Committee will keep her busy and entertained.

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