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The Derawan Islands (Indonesian: Kepulauan Derawan) are in Kalimantan, East Kalimantan, Indonesia covering Derawan, Sangalaki, Kakaban, Maratua, Panjang, and Samama Island as well as several submerged reefs and small islets, are located in the Sulawesi Sea, on the coastal shelf of East Kalimantan (2°17'N - 113°13'E). The Derawan Islands have about 31 islands.

Located in the global biodiversity hotspot, the Derawan Islands are featured by high diversity of reef fishes (347 species), corals (222 species), and invertebrates, including a considerable number of protected species (5 giants clam species, 2 sea turtles, coconut crab, etc). Some of the islands harbor the heavily exploited turtle eggs and yet the largest green turtle nesting site in Indonesia.

There are two islands inhabited, namely Derawan (1 village of 1,259 people) and Maratua (4 villages of 2,704 people). Fishing is an important income generating activity for the community. Since early 1990s, people have started to catch live groupers, napoleon wrasses, and lobsters, due to high demand and price. As a world class dive tourism destination, there are 3 international dive resorts on Derawan Islands , while more additional resorts or facilities are in the planning process.

Philinopsis gardineri (Eliot, 1903)

Species:Philinopsis gardineri

Location:Derawan, Indonesia
Photographer:Erwin Kodiat
Camera:Canon PowerShot A620

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